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NADISM - relearning the art of enjoying doing nothing

Time is a good of first necessity and it is missing nowadays.

This directly influences our habits imposing a rhythm of increasingly fast-paced life in which it is forbidden to stop. As a result, we become more stressed and anxious, jeopardizing our health and weakening our relationships, undermining our work and diminishing the pleasure of living.


In the Nadism lecture, Marcelo Bohrer, the Nadism's mentor, presents an unprecedented and incredibly affordable proposal to rescue the balance: learn to enjoy moments of pure doing nothing as a good living practice.


For this, he leads to a shift of consciousness that makes us realize that the moments of respite are truly possible and, besides that, they are very pleasant and essential for a healthy and better life.


How to renew the vision of managing time to enjoy the value of breaks even with the speed, overload and multiplicity of stimuli of modern life? This is the value of the idea that is making nadism movement an important tool of quality of life in Brazil and abroad.

nadismo marcelo bohrer palestras
Statements about the book: NADISM - The Art of Enjoying Moments Doing Nothing

"The Nadism is a unique and welcome proposal, because we know how important it is to pause and break the breakneck pace of our routine, I recommend the book ... Marcelo and his tips to slow down," 


Martha Medeiros - writer and columnist for the Zero Hora newspaper O Globo RS and RJ

"The language is translucent, crystal comprehensible!

We must teach to STOP. Therein lies the value of his proposal. I think it'll help a lot of people through this creative book." 



Ieda Rhoden - Psychologist and Dr. on "Leisure and Human Potential" by the University of Deusto in Spain. 

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Marcelo Bohrer

Graduated in Advertising at UFRGS and post-graduated in Strategic Marketing at ESPM, he is recognized by his rich creative talent that led him to undertake several innovative works such as that granted the Award Winning Ideas AJE / FIERGS and to be chosen as member of the São Paulo Fashion Week Hotspot new talents group.


In his haste to hold many ideas, he embarked on a stressful and highly accelerated pace of life that caused him a burnout, the mental and physical breakdown. From this, his inspiration has pointed to the wellness. In 2006, after an experience in London, he created the Nadism concept. Then he began holding meetings of the Club which soon gained thousands of members and a tremendous attention from the press.


In the recent years he has worked as Professor of Strategic Design at ESPM and has directed Marboh ID, an advisory bureau of creative intelligence specialized in generating ideas for innovation.


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