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The Nadism is a movement for a better quality of life that offers an innovative and affordable alternative to the problem of stress and lack of time: learning to enjoy moments of pause and disconnection to do nothing in order to promote balance and good living. 


"The Nadism movement proposes a major cultural transformation: the awareness that to do nothing is not wasting time but a very valuable form of improving our health and the health of our planet. Thus, literally by doing nothing, we make a great contribution to creating a better living and a better world."

Marcelo Bohrer - Nadism's mentor

clube de nadismo
Clube de Nadismo encontro no Central Park NYC


The Nadism Club holds free public events that help the participants to totally disconnect and enjoy doing nothing in a relaxed and delightful way. 


It was created in 2006 by the designer Marcelo Bohrer who performed the first experiences in London. Since then, more than 70 meetings were held in several Brazil cities and in New York City (2009). 


The event, which lasts approximately 1 hour, takes place monthly in the beautiful and tranquil parks. On these meetings, the members and supporters can enjoy their moment of nadism feeling no guilt on wasting time and being useless. This way they recover their balance and develop a new awareness about how to enjoy free time. 


Currently, the club has over seven thousand members in Brazil and much more in other 7 countries.

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Central Park - NYC / E.U.A.


Who is searching for better living knows that the pressure of the day-to-day rush is the main cause of tension, anxiety and a factor of increasing stress. 


When we have no longer spare time, when we're always busy and in a hurry we feel it is impossible to manage to do nothing even for a minute. Then it becomes very difficult to stop, turn off, unplug ... It seems prohibited! This is because getting out of doing things gives the feeling that you're wasting time, being useless and that creates the anxiety and a terrible sense of guilt. 


These are symptoms of the acceleration culture that affects over 70% of the world population. Live at that pace is very bad and the consequence is that our life becomes a burden, we get to become sad and sicker. 

That needs to change! 


The nadism movement proposes this change and reminds us that everyone should have the right to have free time to be able to do nothing from time to time.


"Doing nothing is the ultimate wisdom in modern philosophy of life."

João Carmo - 38 years / Belo Horizonte MG


"I think the nadism is a great way to get hold of a thing so precious and scarce which is the TIME!"

Juliana Simoes - 26 years / São Paulo SP


"I am in favor of giving yourself spare time, I always try to do this in order to regain and maintain my balance. If I don't do that ... I think I would die"

Sandra Lima - 52 years / São Paulo SP


"I love doing nothing."

Luiz Monteiro - 32 years / Cabo Frio RJ

marcelo bohrer nadismo


Marcelo Bohrer is a designer known for his many innovative creations. 

After a few years living in a very fast pace, he suffered a burnout, physical and mental collapse caused by stress. The experience led him to want to investigate further the issues arising from the acceleration culture and thus he directed hi work to the area of well living. 


In 2006, he formulated the concept of Nadism and began its propagation through the Nadism Club's events that were gradually gaining fans in Brazil and abroad and also receiving wide media attention. 


In October 2008, Brazil, he launched the book "Nadism - A Revolution by Doing Nothing" (Ed. MegaLivro) and in 2009, "Nadism - How to Live a Better Life Doing Nothing" in the US by the publisher Lulu. In 2013, he has launched the second edition of book: "Nadism - the art of enjoying moments doing nothing", plus of the e-book. 


Currently, besides being the creative director of Marboh Idea Design, a consultancy specialized in innovation, he teach strategic design at ESPM and Teenage Dream Project, a creative workshop that teaches entrepreneurship to high school students. 


Additionally, Marcelo continues to coordinate the events of Nadism Club and to giving lectures on the movement of nadism.

Livro Nadismo - Uma Revolução Sem fazer Nada
livro nadismo





To help people interested in managing to disconnect and relax Marcelo published in 2008 the book "Nadism - A Revolution by Doing Nothing" (Ed. MegaLivro) and, in 2009"Nadism - How to Live a Better Life Doing Nothing" in the US by the publisher Lulu. 


The book which provides instructional and entertaining way to make the practice of nadism a great way to live with more peace of mind, health and wellness, has received major accolades as the journalist Martha Medeiros, the Psychologist Ieda Rhoden, Coen Monk, the cordinator of Zen Buddism and from the journalist Carl Honoré. 


Expanding the international reach of the movement, Marcelo Bohrer launched in 2009 the English version of the book in the USA by Lulu Publishing in New York and held a meeting of Nadism Club in Central Park. 


The second revised and expanded edition of the book: "Nadism - the art of enjoying moments doing nothing", plus the e-book, was released in December 2013 along with the launch of Time of Nadism, the first app that helps to take a break from mobile phone addiction. 








"The language is translucent, crystal comprehensible! We must teach to STOP. Therein lies the value of your proposal I think. it'll help a lot of people through this creative book." 

Ieda Rhoden - Psychologist and Dr. on "Leisure and Human Potential" by the University of Deusto / Spain.


"The Nadism is a unique and welcome proposal, because we know how important it is to pause and break the breakneck pace of our routine, I recommend the book, Marcelo and his tips to slow down." 

Martha Medeiros - writer and columnist for the Zero Hora newspaper O Globo RS and RJ 


"I've read your book. Then I dedicated a few minutes to do nothing. What a blessing. It is important not to do. It's important to be." 

Coen Monk - Principal representative of Zen Buddhism in Brazil. 


"I love Nadism idea!"

Carl Honoré - Canadian journalist, author of the bestseller "Slow" and one of the founders of the Slow Movement.

nadismo cubo vazio branco

The Void Cube is a 3D version of the symbol of the Nadism Club, it marks the empty square, and represents the precious space that is increasingly difficult to find in modern life. 


The Cube serves as toten signaling the location of the Nadism Club events. 


It was also designed to provide a more intense nadism experience. You can sit inside thereby insulated from the upheavals of the outside world.

clube de nadismo mascote nadico

Nadico is a garden friendly frog that conveys the mood of the practice of nadism.

clube de nadismo mascote nadico

In 2006, at the launch of nadism, Marcelo Bohrer published a manifesto that calls for a less rapid and more healthy world where people enjoy their free time more naturally and happily.


Video that explains the concept of nadism just by images.