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To take a break to do nothing can be delightful.

But seems impossible to have time left over for this luxury with the day-to-day rush.

Moreover, as we are addicted in this overload routine, most of us have unlearned how to stop and relax.

This kind of thing was put out of the agenda.



You can restore the balance by practicing Nadism, it is simple and it's free!

And anyone can "do it", anytime, anywhere, for as long as you want.

All you need is your will and your self permission.

You certainly deserve it!

So here are some tips on how to enjoy the practice of nadism:

clube de nadismo do nadismo encontro eventos

This is the time to be useless feeling no guilt.

Feel free to waste your time joyfully.


STOP AND ENJOY mean that when you decide to take a little time to practice nadism this is YOUR time!

May be just a few minutes, half an hour, all afternoon ... No matter how long it is since you lose it well. Yes, it should be "wasted" doing nothing!

Do not worry about the clock! Stop everything and just enjoy losing time!

clube de nadismo do nadismo encontro eventos

There is no goal and no purpose in practicing nadism.

So there is nothing you need to do.

Just lose yourself into a passivity state.


There is no technique for practicing nadism, it is free style! You simply release yourself completely passive, such as a plant or stone.

By the way, the less you struggle to do it, the better your practice of nadism will be.

Become totally useless!

Surrender yourself and enjoy this relaxing moment!

clube de nadismo do nadismo encontro eventos

Disconnect your mind of all your devices for a while.

Give a chance for silence and relaxation.


Do you want to go deeply into your nadism moment?

Then turn off the monitor, close the notebook, place the phone on silent, unplug it, move to a more quiet place where no one will harass you, give your mouth a rest, sit back comfortably, leaning back or lying down and allow your body to repose.

In a good moment of nadism nothing happens.

It's just stillness and the world spinning around!

clube de nadismo do nadismo encontro eventos

Take a look at what is going on outside of your head.

Let the mind wander about like the clouds.


Keep your eyes open passively observing the world around you.

Many thoughts arise in your head but you do not need to do anything about it. One after another the thoughts pass like clouds in the sky.

Just be careful not to fall into the trap of productive thoughts which will want you to gain time by thinking in advance about what you must do later.

At this moment, nothing needs to be done. Let it be and watch the nadism magic happening.

free and be part of the nadism's world community.
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